Excellent email and good points Ian - thank you. I suppose that sometimes the battle is about "what you think you should be doing" (or "what's the best thing to do") vs "what you're best at or like doing": those two things can often conflict and so I guess clarity, commitment and patience is required. For example, you could argue that recording a video, posting it to YT , than transcribing it into a blog post, then converting to an audio for your podcast is the most productive way to go. But if you dislike doing videos, then you have to stick to just writing the blog post (for example). Thoughts?

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Oh, this was timely - thank you, Ian ☺️

I agree completely. Over the last few weeks I’ve been thinking about where best to spend my time, and what I actually enjoy doing when it comes to marketing or building relationships. On Monday I heard someone say (to this effect, anyway), β€œIf marketing is building relationships, then your best marketing activities will be similar to the ways in which you meet people and form friendships in real life”.

Those words, coupled with your newsletter today, have helped me to make a decision. Thank you!

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